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FFT 2021 Estimates Service

Get estimates for all your new Year 1 to 4 pupils

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2021 Year 7 Transition Service

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GCSE estimates for your new Year 7 and Year 8 students


FFT Aspire for schools

Primary Secondary

Meeting the 2021 challenge

FFT 2021 Secondary Results Service

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Analyse • Compare • Target

Now closed. Early KS4 reports now available in FFT Aspire.

End of Key Stage Assessment Service

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Access all your 2021 KS1 and KS2 reports in Aspire

Aspire Attendance Tracker

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Analyse, track and compare your school's attendance

FFT Tutoring with the Lightning Squad

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A new tutoring programme to improve reading skills for pupils in Years 1 to 5

End of Key Stage Assessment Service

Access your reports

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Aspire Attendance Tracker

Analyse, track and compare

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FFT Aspire for primary schools

Meeting the 2021 challenge

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FFT 2021 Secondary Results Service

Access your reports

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FFT 2021 Year 7 Transition Service

Live now

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Aspire Attendance Tracker

Analyse, track and compare

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New, faster ways to use Aspire...

New Aspire home page

The new Aspire home page provides clearer and quicker access to all your key dashboards.

On-screen pupil imports

Instant access to data for your new pupils.

Aggregated targets

Automatically generate school targets from pupil targets.

Extended School Dashboard

A more detailed subject-based analysis for senior leaders and teachers.

Extended GCSE subject choice

An extended range of GCSE subjects now available in Aspire's Target Setting module. new report tools


Visualise and evaluate pupil performance. Extended version of RAISE/ASP functionality.

Disadvantaged pupils

Evaluate progress and analyse gaps for disadvantaged pupils. A key report for inspection.

Live pupil-list editing

Create dashboards and evaluate the performance for any group of pupils. Allows analysis of individual classes, intervention groups and the removal of pupils from reports.

Our new favourite feature

Now you can ‘favourite’ a report along with all of its settings. Find that key report or critical dashboard and save it for the next time you log in.

What's in FFT Aspire?

Pupil tracking – two powerful trackers in one

Monitor and track individual pupils, classes, groups and cohorts with Aspire Pupil Tracking. Convert and compare your DfE tests, standardised tests, teacher assessments, targets and FFT estimates in one single tracking system.

Aspire Pupil Tracking

Setting targets, tracking progress

In a life after levels and letters, Aspire's Target Setting dashboards help you to set challenging targets for your school and pupils. And soon, we’ll be piloting a new module to track the progress of your pupils. Benchmarking, target setting and tracking in a single system!Benchmarking and target setting in a single system!

Target setting

Evaluating your performance

Simple, visual and clear. FFT Aspire’s innovative Self Evaluation dashboards allow you to quickly and comprehensively evaluate attainment and progress in your school.


Intervention and support

Behind each one of your pupils is a unique story - Aspire’s Student Explorer dashboard can help you to find it. Improve your intervention and support and help each pupil to reach their potential.

Student explorer

Learning together, success for all

Use Aspire's Collaborate dashboards to benchmark your school’s performance alongside other schools. Identify and share best practice across groups of schools. The perfect toolkit for MATs, chains and partnerships.


Interactive learning through FFT training and live events

Unlock even more of Aspire's potential at one of our training sessions. They cater for the beginner or experienced user and accompany FFT's reporting services throughout the school year.

FFT's conferences and roadshows, are an exciting way to network and learn from the latest thinking in education.

Training & events

You also get

A range of downloadable dashboards

The fastest way to see how your school performs. Learn about the information you'll get by downloading your sample dashboard today.

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Help and support

Free telephone support, online training webinars, videos and optional nationwide events. Get the most out of FFT Aspire in a style that suits you.

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It's easy


Switch between years and Key Stages


Fine tune by pupil context


Find individual pupils by name

What our users are saying

FFT Aspire

"It was incredibly encouraging to see how much FFT have put into developing Aspire and I am really looking forward to getting all our Leadership team on board with using it. I think it is going to be essential for us to use in the coming few years."

Sam MacIntyre, Data Manager, The Petchey Academy, Hackney.

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FFT Training

"Well worth travelling to, superb delivery and trainer knowledge."

Valda McGee, Headteacher, Beechwood Primary School, Cheshire East.

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Free webinars

"Very professional and I liked the way you could ask questions during the session and they were either answered verbally or via a written message — very helpful."

Jenny Allen, Senior Manager, Havelock Infant School, Northamptonshire.

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Target setting


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  • Attainment & progress
  • Pupil groups
  • Subjects
  • Pupils
  • Context

Student explorer

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