Reading Assessment Programme

Assess pupils’ key reading skills with our online diagnostic reading assessment tool.


What is the Reading Assessment Programme?

Simple to use

FFT's Reading Assessment Programme is a simple and effective online assessment tool designed to assess pupils on their GPC Accuracy, Decoding Accuracy and Fluency Levels (Words Correct Per Minute).

Words Correct Per Minute outcomes inform Standardised Scores, Reading Attainment Levels and Reading Fluency Ages for Year 1 to Year 6 pupils. For Reception pupils, Standardised Scores and Reading Attainment Levels are provided based on Decoding outcomes.


Assessments align with the most recent teaching block of GPCs and Common Exception Words for Reception and Year 1 pupils across a range of phonics programmes. Year 2 assessments focus on trickier GPCs with Spelling List words and Tier 2 vocabulary being a focus from Years 3 to 6.

Instantly produced reports allow schools to analyse data at whole school, class, group or individual pupil level. Informs next steps, whether through whole-class teaching or keep-up/catch-up intervention.


clear reports

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Simple online reading assessment programme

Free with our Phonics, Tutoring, Year 2 or Aspire subscriptions

Connects to your school's MIS

Clear reporting with a dashboard for every pupil

A complete Reading Assessment Programme for EYFS and Key Stages 1 & 2

Reading Assessment Programme homepage
Assesses key phonics skills including GPC accuracy, segmenting and blending. Plus decoding accuracy, reading fluency and comprehension (optional)
A range of simple reports to support accurate data analysis and identify next steps
Includes DfE Phonics Screening Check past papers
Assessment content matched to the GPC sequence for a range of phonics providers including FFT's Success for All Phonics, Little Wandle, Read Write Inc, Sounds Write, Twinkl and Letters and Sounds (suitable for any phonics programme using a Letters and Sounds progression)
Reading Fluency Ages, Standardised Scores and Reading Attainment Levels available

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Clear reporting with a dashboard for every pupil


assessments for Reception and Year 1*


assessments for Year 2


assessments per year group at Key Stage 2

The reports will allow you to analyse whole school, class, group and pupil level data for the key reading skills assessed.

Preview the reports below.


* For FFT Success for All. This differs for other providers.

Take a look

Reports on each pupil

showing detailed feedback of their progress and next steps

Reading attainment levels

Identify and compare pupils' fluency and decoding abilities at a glance with easy-to-interpret colour coding, Standardised Scores and Reading Fluency Ages

GPC pupils

Identify where pupils are secure in their GPC knowledge as a class or individuals

Reporting on a whole school, class, group or individual level

Instant analysis at a quick glance

Decoding reports

Instant feedback of decoding ability at whole school, year group, class or individual pupil level

GPC reports

Instant overview of GPC success rate and gaps to inform next steps in teaching

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    We've also answered some common questions in our FAQs below. Watch an overview of the reports in action.


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