FFT Reading Assessment Programme

FFT’s new programme to assess, track and collate literacy performance at class and pupil level.

Simple online reading assessment programme


Clear reporting with a dashboard for every pupil


Free with Success for All Phonics, Aspire or Tutoring subscriptions


A complete Reading Assessment Programme for Key Stage 1 and 2

Reading Assessment Programme homepage
Covers all phonics skills including GPCs, segmenting and blending
Decoding, accuracy, reading fluency and comprehension
Matched to the Letters and Sounds Progression
Includes DfE Phonics screening
Coming soon: FFT Standardised Reading Score, FFT Reading Age, GPC reports and assessments matched to the sequence of other phonic providers

See it in action

Play the video for an overview

Clear reporting with a dashboard for every pupil

FFT's Reading Assessment Programme provides full reporting

There are currently…


assessments for Reception and Year 1


assessments for Year 2


assessments per year group at Key Stage 2

Each assessment will deliver detailed and helpful reporting in four different formats

Preview each of them below.



Reports on each pupil

showing detailed evidence of their capabilities and next steps

Reporting on a whole class

giving a quick overview of their progress

Pathway progress report

on each child with standardised reading scores and reading age (coming soon)

Quick overview of GPC knowledge

See your class’ progress at a glance on all the GPCs (coming autumn 2022)

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How do I get the FFT Reading Assessment Programme?

The great news is that it is free to customers with a subscription for…

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