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International school challenges

We understand the pressures faced by international schools to sustain a effective and ambitious education for students, that sets them apart both academically and socially for their future.

Proficiency in reading and the spoken English language is a critical milestone on this journey and we recognise the challenges this presents for children and teachers alike in international schools.

FFT solutions

Our mission is to address these challenges by offering international schools a comprehensive, supportive digital reading package that is proven to not just meet, but exceed high literacy expectations.

FFT's programmes ensure that all students, regardless of background or language skills, are equipped with the strong reading foundations required to set them up for future success, covering the key skills of:


22 years

of helping students to achieve their full potential


students using our primary reading catch-up programme


assessments completed using our Reading Assessment Programme
International teacher and students

Why FFT?

Proven impact backed by data

We are able to confidently demonstrate the impact that our programmes are having through our data and research. For example, analysis of our reading catch-up programme demonstrated students having 83% faster progress in decoding. More

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Based on key principles

Literacy programmes from FFT are steeped in the principles that we believe are key to improving early literacy. Principles that have helped UK education reach proven levels in the PIRLs index of academic performance. Read the PIRLS report

Ongoing training and support

With unlimited access to FFT's expert literacy support and comprehensive staff training, hosted regularly online and freely available on-demand, our programmes alleviate the pressure on teachers, removing any obstacles to delivering the best learning outcomes.

Systematic teaching


Early reading

Supporting international schools

We are proud to work with international schools worldwide. Discover how FFT’s literacy packages can support your school today.

Case study

Holy Mary British Catholic School, Madrid

“We’ve been so impressed with how much progress children have made already!”

Created by experts

FFT's complete reading programme has been created by literacy experts to:

enhance spelling, reading, writing and phonics
improve pupil confidence in reading
increase fluency and comprehension
support progression and the development of key skills
nurture a positive learning environment and lifelong love of reading
be effective for EAL and ELL students

Proven impact

We analysed the results of nearly 20,000 students who took part in the reading catch-up programme and the results demonstrated a clear acceleration in progress.
19,728 students tutored

83% faster 

progress in decoding

1.83x the expected progress

in reading development

9 words or more improvement

in words correct per minute

3x the expected rate of improvement

after 20 or more tutoring sessions

Competitive pricing

Annual digital subscriptions available from only

1,250 GBP

What schools are saying

FFT's tailored ongoing training, support and guidance have been exemplary... We are already seeing an impact as our students are being effectively taught exactly what they need consistently.

The programme's structure, pace and engaging digital and physical materials support our students to love language, relish reading and master reading strategies that will ensure they are fully literate.

Shahida Ibrahim, Vice Principal

Hartland International School, Dubai

The progress that the children have made is not only noticeable to staff but has also been commented upon by parents with older siblings that went through different phonic programmes. Parents cannot believe how quickly and how confidently the children are reading in Reception and Year 1.

Our last set of standardised PIRA tests confirmed that our children are making excellent progress with FFT Success for All Phonics. Last year, when working with a different phonics program, the majority of children were unable to complete the assessments but this term, after just two months of using FFT Success for All Phonics, over 76% of children are now working at or above the expected standard, compared to 52% last term.

Stephanie Donohue, Deputy Head of Key Stage 1

Holy Mary British Catholic School, Madrid

Throughout our partnership, I have found FFT Education to be professional, helpful, and dedicated to supporting schools in achieving their educational goals. Their team members have demonstrated expertise in their field and have been responsive to our needs, whether through in-person meetings or virtual interactions.

Nikki Stancliffe, Head of Reading

Safa British School, Dubai

FFT Success for All Phonics removed a lot of the stress and workload for our staff. The guides are easy to use; training is accessible, plentiful and broken into small manageable chunks; the reading resources have provided challenge for our children and the Parent Portal has been well-accessed to support learning to read at home. For those learners that find it hard to keep up, the Lightning Squad intervention is fun, engaging and progressive.

Lisa Loxton, Deputy Head

St John the Evangelist CofE Infant and Nursery School

Many thanks for all your continued support over this past year. The programme has proved to have had a significant impact on our most vulnerable readers so we are really pleased to be able to continue with it.

Jo Jones, Deputy Headteacher

Dovedale Community Primary School

We've been really impressed! The Shared Readers are a real success; the children are so eager to read them each week! The vocabulary has excited them and improved their reading skills.

Isabel Stewart, Foundation Lead

St John the Evangelist CofE Infant and Nursery School

The beautiful resources are engaging and the children enjoy the structure and specific routines and activities that are part of it. Reading has become much more of a focus with reading being taught in a structured systematic way developing a further love for reading.

Rebecca Carter, EYFS Lead and Reception Teacher

Green Top School

Without question, Reciprocal Reading has had (and continues to have) the biggest impact on my teaching. More than that, however, is the difference it has makes to our children, not only in the strategies they harness to analyse a text, but the confidence and independence it gives them. It is clear that they love reciprocal and it has been a huge part of promoting their love of reading too!

Allison Reed, Upper Key Stage 2 Team Lead

Sunnyside Primary Academy

Because it's online and very intuitive to use, the Reading Assessment Programme provides a quicker, more efficient system (compared to having a paper-based system).

Helen Eken, Headteacher

Benchill Primary School

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