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Week-by-week attendance reporting for schools is back with a range of powerful features. Track and analyse all your attendance data, then compare against 8,000 other FFT schools each week. All fully automated from collection to reporting with no user intervention required.


for 2023/24

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Attendance Tracker is free to all FFT Aspire schools — simply sign in to Aspire to start viewing your attendance reports.


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Attendance Tracker is included in Aspire subscriptions.

EIGHT reports,
ONE system

Attendance Tracker is EIGHT reports in ONE easy-to-use system. It covers attendance and absence at school level right down to individual pupils. It helps you to identify and analyse attendance issues for specific year groups, pupils groups and individual pupils.

Most importantly, it allows you to compare your pupils' attendance to similar pupils across the country on a week-by-week basis.


360 Overview




Year groups


Pupil groups



360 Overview

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Weekday attendance


Pupil list


Individual pupil

How it works


Key features

Attendance Tracker is driven by our users. We have added a range of features and data to make sure that it meets the needs of schools, multi-academy trusts and LAs.


Compare your school's attendance to other schools with similar proportions of disadvantaged pupils.

Analyse by group

Enhanced Persistent Absence analysis focussing on year groups, FSM6 pupils and SEND pupils.

Identify absent pupils

Frequently absent pupils easily identified in the Pupil List reports.

Weekly overview

Weekly 360 Attendance report. The same detailed 'school vs FFT national' attendance picture on a single page but now for a single week.


Enhanced contextual data including class-based attendance analytics and extended ethnicity groups.

Attendance bands

Deep-dive facility for identifying and targeting persistent absence using 'Attendance bands'.

Clear charts

Fully interactive charts with 'like-for-like' national comparisons.


Improved range of export options including PDF and Excel – great for meetings or local analysis of data.

All England schools can also access attendance data for their local area on FFT's public site — Regional Attendance Tracker.

360 attendance reporting


Attendance headlines shows year-to-date attendance for key groups

Week-by-week chart shows school vs national attendance

Detailed school vs national breakdown of attendance across key groups

Colour coding identifies where attendance is above or below average

Identify patterns of higher and lower attendance by year group, and pupil group!

A detailed picture of attendance on a single page

Attendance Tracker includes the 360 Attendance report — a detailed picture of attendance at your school on a single page.

The report includes up-to-date school and FFT national attendance data for all year groups and key pupil groups including gender, FSM, and SEND. It can easily be printed out onto a single A4 page and is particularly useful for SLTs, Governors, Year Heads and Pastoral leads.

The week’s attendance headlines...

Attendance Tracker’s Dashboard and Summary reports provide you with the week’s headlines. Key attendance and absence indicators, weekly changes, live national comparisons and a yearly tracker. All colour coded and clearly laid out.


Detailed attendance analysis

Year groups

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We know that attendance varies across year groups. Track and compare your own year groups internally, then compare to 1000’s of other FFT schools nationally.

Pupil groups

Identify differing patterns of attendance in key pupil groups – Gender, FSM6, SEND – and monitor weekly throughout the year.

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Weekday attendance


Our special Weekday report lets you see how attendance was spread across the days of the week in your previous academic year. Which days' attendance were higher or lower?


Monitor the effectiveness of your attendance policies with a detailed weekly breakdown of authorised and unauthorised absence.

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Every pupil has a story…

At the core of our system are your pupils. Their attendance journeys are your attendance story.

Whether it's groups of pupils or individual students, Attendance Tracker displays each pupil's attendance journey, allowing you to identify needs and support children and young people more effectively.


What schools are saying

The attendance tracker looks great and it's really useful getting up to date information
I just wanted to say thank you as these reports are amazing! Our attendance officer is absolutely over the moon.
Attendance Tracker is fantastic. In the past I’ve had to do a lot of manual calculations, so Attendance Tracker has made a huge difference.
Thanks for the development of Attendance Tracker. I think that this will be a really useful tool for us!
The colour coding makes the report very easy to understand.
This has moved attendance on light years! I now print off the new 360 report for all our Governors and that’s it! I used to produce all this data myself but the new report is simple and saves huge amounts of time.
Colleagues will find this really useful, and we really appreciate the hard work, care and consideration that has gone into developing the attendance reports.

    The research behind Attendance Tracker

    Data and research go hand-in-hand. As well as providing schools with the latest attendance reporting tools, we think it’s equally as important to share our research about attendance patterns in schools.

    Click a topic to read our latest attendance research.

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    For any questions about Attendance Tracker, contact our support team directly by emailing or calling 01446 776262 (option 2).

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