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What is FFT Success for All Phonics?


FFT Success for All Phonics is a complete systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme that has been validated by the Department for Education.


Aimed at nursery children upwards and pioneered by the Success for All Foundation, FFT’s second generation programme is offered on a not-for-profit basis and is a highly comprehensive offering.

Our ambition

Our ambition is to enable success for all children and inspire a lifelong love of reading.

Case studies

We've put together a group of case studies from schools using FFT Success for All Phonics. Read their stories — their background, challenges and how they have improved.
Case studies

Take a look…

Complete set of printed and online teaching resources

Including cards, practice booklets, alphabet letters, placemats and more.

Reading assessment programme

FFT’s new programme to assess, track and collate literacy performance at class and pupil level.

Structured training and support

We provide a structured online training programme for teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders.
Phonics training

Reading tutoring programme

For pupils who need catch-up support or additional practice to improve their reading skills.
Tutoring with the Lightning Squad

Decodable reading books

A complete online set of fully illustrated books, with class sets also available.
What Can I Do in the SummerBig Red BusThe Turning of the YearAt DuskThe Age of the DinosaursJim and the Vet

Resources for both school and home

Our growing Parent Portal supports phonics and early reading by letting parents and children enjoy the books together after they have been read in school.
Parent Portal

    A complete Phonics teaching programme

    Validated by the Department for Education
    Based on the Letters and Sounds progression
    Provides all your teachers with a complete set of teaching resources, online and in print
    Clear reading, writing and spelling activities through the six phases of Letters and Sounds
    Includes FFT's Year 2 package that combines Spelling with the Jungle Club and Routes to Reading.
    Simple cost-effective subscription service with all resources, training and support included
    Includes our tutoring programme, FFT Tutoring with the Lightning Squad
    Supported by our Reading Assessment Programme, from the experts at FFT
    Comprehensive easy-to-use resources for learning at home via the Parent Portal

    Have a look at our sample evaluation materials

    Look inside the reading books

    In addition to the online resources, we also provide schools with a core set of printed teaching resources as part of the subscription. Schools can purchase class sets of the decodable reading books.

    *New titles for 2023/24

    What schools are saying

    Gives less confident readers a way in

    I really love the breadth of books — the different genres that are part of the scheme.

    Our particular Year 2 class likes non-fiction more than fiction, and it really gives less confident readers a way in.

    I think it’s great how the content follows seamlessly from Year 1 in terms of the challenge in the texts and the lesson structure.

    Claire Scott-South

    Interim Headteacher, Dringhouses Primary School

    Each step is small and achievable

    We have found that this scheme really engages the children through clearly planned, progressive, achievable goals that make it possible for all children to succeed.

    We have seen a huge improvement in the children's confidence and fluency as they begin to see themselves as a reader. Each step in the scheme is small and achievable building on prior learning, consolidating skills and allowing the children to master reading at each stage.

    All the children being able to have the same book to take home allows the teaching to build over the course of the week and clear strategies to be taught. This creates confident, enthusiastic children who are keen to share their learning at home and consolidate further with fluency practice at home.

    Sophie Murray

    Head of Early Years, Pyrford Primary School

    Exceeded expectations

    FFT Success for All Phonics has exceeded our expectations!

    Children are relishing reading, enjoying every minute of their lessons and making amazing progress.

    Everything a school could need is included, resources, training and parent support.

    Sarah Hopkins

    KS1 Assistant Headteacher, Cavendish Primary School

    Removed a lot of the stress

    It was daunting to have to change the way we teach phonics, but FFT Success for All Phonics removed a lot of the stress and workload for our staff.

    The guides are easy to use; training is accessible, plentiful and broken into small manageable chunks; the reading resources have provided challenge for our children and the Parent Portal has been well-accessed to support learning to read at home. For those learners that find it hard to keep up, the Lightning Squad intervention is fun, engaging and progressive.

    Lisa Loxton

    Deputy Head, The Rissington School - Upper Rissington Cheltenham

    Our children have made real gains

    After using Letters and Sounds for our phonics we have found the move to Success for All Phonics a smooth transition. We were able to access training prior to starting the scheme. The programme offers a clear planning and structure that teachers and assistants are able to follow.

    The resources to support the programme (both hard copies and digital versions) offer good value for money and they are easily accessible for our learners. Our children have made real gains in their reading as a result of the daily reading planning that supports Phonics and having class sets of decodable picture books has been a real asset.

    Beyond Key Stage 1 children are excited to use the Tutoring with the Lightning Squad platform, it has really captured the interest of children that would otherwise find reading a challenge.

    Charlotte Latter

    Phonics Lead, The Discovery School, Kent

    Improved their reading skills

    We’ve been really impressed! The Shared Readers are a real success; the children are so eager to read them each week! The vocabulary has excited them and improved their reading skills.

    Isabel Stewart

    Foundation Lead, St John the Evangelist CofE Infant and Nursery School

      What Ofsted is saying

      Well-structured lessons

      Reading is given a high priority. Pupils have lots of opportunities to read throughout the school day. Pupils at the early stages of learning to read receive daily phonics teaching.

      Leaders and teachers regularly check the phonics that pupils know. They use this information to match phonics teaching to pupils’ starting points, including pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

      Pupils receive additional phonics teaching if they fall behind. Leaders ensure pupils with SEND receive additional support from external experts if necessary. This includes support with speech and language. Leaders and teachers work with parents so that they know how to help with reading at home. Pupils gain secure knowledge and skills to read fluently and with confidence.

      Ofsted, 2022

      Gonville Academy

      Genuine love of reading

      All pupils get to practice their reading as they get books which match the sounds that they already know.

      Pupils show a genuine love of reading. They regularly access the reading areas in their classrooms. They enjoy listening to their teachers read to them daily.

      Ofsted, 2022

      St James The Great RC Primary School

      Decoding confidently

      Leaders prioritise the teaching of early reading. They have developed the teaching of phonics to meet the needs of all pupils. Children start to learn how to read as soon as they join the Nursery. They are taught to distinguish sounds around their environment. This prepares them for learning their letter sounds when they move to the Reception Year.

      Staff are trained well so that they deliver the chosen phonics programme consistently. Teachers give pupils ample opportunities to practise their phonics knowledge. Pupils read books which contain the letter sounds they already know.

      Pupils learn to decode confidently and are developing fluency in reading. Teachers regularly check how well pupils are learning in phonics. They identify those who are falling behind the programme. These pupils receive effective support and are catching up quickly.

      Ofsted, 2022

      Westbridge Academy

      Well-structured lessons

      Well-structured phonics lessons help pupils to develop their phonics knowledge as they move up through the school years.

      Leaders in early years promote a love of reading through the early years ‘library labs’ sessions. Leaders ensure that the weakest readers across the school get the support they need to help them to catch up quickly.

      Ofsted, 2022

      Turnham Academy

      Pupils are inspired to write

      The early reading curriculum is planned rigorously. Teachers know precisely what to teach and review each day. They ensure that pupils practise their reading regularly. Staff provide support and resources to help pupils get back on track if they fall behind.

      The books that pupils read independently match the sounds they know. This helps pupils to become confident and keen readers. Older pupils like reading. They talk about their favourite books and authors. They enjoy the books that teachers read to them. Pupils are inspired to write by the stories they hear. They use what they learn in their own writing.

      Children in the early years are prepared for Year 1. They learn well. Leaders prioritise reading and understanding of early number skills. Leaders ensure that children practise their new learning throughout the day so that they remember what they have learned.

      Ofsted, 2022

      Bures Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School

      Enjoying phonics lessons

      The school's programme to teach pupils to read is effective. Staff talk positively about their latest training provided by an external consultant.

      Classroom visits to Reception and Years 1 and 2 showed pupils enjoying their phonics lessons. If pupils fall behind, staff make sensible adaptions and provide extra support for them to catch up.

      Ofsted, 2022

      Bodsham C of E Primary School

      Structured for daily reading

      Leaders prioritise reading. They have made sure that staff are trained to deliver the phonics programme confidently and effectively.

      Phonics is taught every day from the very start of Reception Year. The curriculum has been structured to ensure that pupils practise reading daily.

      Ofsted, 2022

      Park Academy

      Confident and fluent readers

      Leaders have prioritised the early reading curriculum. Children begin their reading journey as soon as they join the Nursery Year.

      A consistent approach to the teaching of reading in the early years helps children to become familiar with the phonics programme quickly. Well-trained staff are equipped to deliver the phonics curriculum effectively.

      They ensure that books are matched appropriately to pupils' and children's phonics knowledge. As a result, pupils become confident and fluent readers by the end of key stage 1.

      Ofsted, 2022

      Meadowbank Primary School

      Well-planned phonics programme

      They have put in place a well-planned phonics programme and trained all classroom staff to deliver it. Children start to learn how to read as soon as they join the early years.

      The Nursery environment exposes children to a variety of sounds. They learn to recognise and distinguish between the sounds that they hear. This prepares them well for identifying letter sounds when they begin to learn phonics.

      By the time they finish Year 2, pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), can read fluently.

      Ofsted, 2022

      St James The Great RC Primary School

      Highly effective reading support

      Reading is prioritised at this school. Teachers consistently follow a systematic approach to teaching phonics. Leaders have ensured that all staff have the skills to provide highly effective reading support.

      As a result, pupils who struggle to read catch up quickly, including the many pupils for whom English is not their first language. Pupils develop reading fluency by reading books matched to sounds they know.

      Children leave the Reception class ready for Year 1.

      Ofsted, 2023

      Discovery Primary

      Pupils catch up quickly

      Leaders ensure that all teaching staff have the training and resources that they need to be experts at teaching early reading.

      Teachers in early years successfully support children to build their phonics knowledge.

      Those pupils who struggle to read are helped to catch up quickly.

      Ofsted, 2023

      Kirkham and Wesham Primary School

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        How much does it cost?


        for an annual online subscription (1 form entry)


        for a printed set of 68 decodable reading books (15 copies of each book)

        A simple annual subscription provides schools with online access to all of the teacher resources, reading books, training and support for FFT Success for All Phonics, along with a core set of printed teacher resources.

        Schools can also purchase printed copies of the decodable reading books and pupil practice booklets.

        Annual school subscription

        Half form entry£650
        1 form entry£1250
        2 form entry£1675
        3 form entry£2050

        68 decodable reading books

        Online access: use at school and home (online or printed by school)Included in the subscription
        1 printed copy of each book£60
        15 printed copies of each book£650
        30 printed copies of each book £1250


        All training and support is provided online through the subscription. Schools can purchase optional training if required.

        Optional training

        OnlineFace to face
        Half day (3 hours)£350
        Full day (6 hours)£500£800

        New reading books

        We also have a new range of further readers that you can opt to use for home reading and/or catch-up reading, which fully align to our progression.

        These readers will help you take your children on different reading adventures as they feature exciting new characters, authors, and illustrations. See full list

        20 titles

        Included digitally, or buy printed.
        5 of each title
        15 of each title
        Save 15%
        Prices exclude P&P where applicable

        Free workshops

        FFT Success for All Phonics has been validated by the DfE. We are running online workshops for schools now.

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        Alternatively you can phone us on 01446 776262 to talk about FFT Success for All Phonics. We've also answered common questions in our FAQs.

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