Reading Quest

Comprehensive reading catch-up for KS2 & KS3 students

Includes bespoke catch-up and assessment tools!
Reading Quest supports older children to catch up with early reading skills. Tailored to bridge gaps in reading proficiency, it is specifically designed to target the decoding and phonics knowledge gaps of struggling older readers.

How does Reading Quest improve literacy?


By learning with Reading Quest, older students who struggle with decoding and fluency can finally regain lost ground and access the wider curriculum. The programme offers easy-to-use, thirty-minute lessons, providing intervention for small groups or individual students.
Each Quest includes targeted teaching of the phonic code, common exception words (red words), and key reading skills. Students then immediately apply these skills through reading engaging texts and targeted writing or spelling activities.

Targeted support

Reading Quest can be used as a targeted intervention to support children with no reading skills or who need short-term support.
Using FFT's bespoke online assessment tool, students' phonics gaps can be precisely identified, ensuring students are taught at the highest point in our programme. Also included is our engaging digital reading platform that can support fluency both in and out of school.

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Who is Reading Quest for?

Older students

Reading Quest is for older students who need support in decoding and fluency.

It is ideal for:

  • students who have not met reading expectations at primary school
  • EAL students or those who are new to the UK educational system and may not have been taught phonics at primary school
  • students with high amounts of absence who are likely to have gaps in their phonics knowledge

Improve literacy

Our age-appropriate texts progress cumulatively, so students can apply their increasing skills immediately to reading.
Designed by teachers with extensive experience in helping older students catch up, the programme will help children become confident readers so they can access the wider curriculum.

Why choose Reading Quest?

Age-appropriate content

Specifically designed for older readers.

Simple, cost-effective subscription

Complete service with all resources, training and support included.

Bite-size training

Includes on-demand bite-size training and a wide ongoing CPD to further support school wide reading development.


Full-colour fiction and non-fiction texts and resources to maximise pupil engagement.

Created by experts

Developed by an in-house team with extensive experience in supporting older readers to bridge reading gaps.

Catch-up included

Includes access to our bespoke reading catch-up programme that can be used in and out of school.

Measure improvement

Integrates with FFT's bespoke online assessment tool to quickly identify students' gaps in decoding and fluency.


As a not-for-profit organisation, we publish all our own materials and provide full digital access to them at no extra cost.

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We'll walk you through the Reading Quest structure and materials.


An annual subscription is available for just


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What's included
Reading Quest
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Online reading catch-up platform
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Bespoke online assessment tool

The complete literacy package for older readers

A straightforward annual subscription provides schools with access to Reading Quest, including training and support.

Bespoke online reading catch-up and assessment tools are also included, creating a complete literacy solution for your KS2 & KS3 pupils.