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Hello and welcome to the first ever edition of the Aspire Pupil Tracking roundup.

This termly magazine will help us to keep you updated and informed about all of the latest releases and future developments, each making the system as beneficial as it can be. You’ll be able to brush up on your knowledge, discover the latest reports or features, or meet up with us at a free lunchtime webinar to help you get the most from the system.

We’ll be in touch again in the spring term with the next edition, but if you need anything in the meantime do get in touch – we’re happy to help.

Tina & Gary

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New to Aspire Pupil Tracking?

We can help. Learn more by watching the video below where I run through some topics to get you started.

Need more information?

We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of the system, so read on to find out how you can join Gary and I at an upcoming webinar which are perfect for improving your knowledge.

Gary’s guide to tracking reports

We know that in the past it has been difficult to track multiple assessments in one place, so join me as I run through how you can do this quickly and easily with the brand new Pathway Report. You can now analyse pupil performance over time by tracking cohorts, classes, groups, and individual pupils. You can also create completely bespoke groups that are unique to your school.

Learn how to

  • Track cohorts, classes, groups, and individual pupils

  • Create completely bespoke groups that are unique to your school

Have you seen our latest releases?

PiXL - You can now track your Year 1-6 PiXL assessments in Assessment Tracker.

The EYFS Pilot Framework is now live – The latest DfE 2021 Development Matters Ages and Stages Framework is available to record your pupil outcomes. From September 2021, this will be mandatory for all schools.  We want to help schools like yours record your primary assessment data in one place, rather than using multiple systems, so you can now find this in Aspire Pupil Tracking.

New RS PiRA and PUMA 2021 tests are available now. Compare progress from your latest Rising Stars tests against FFT estimates or your own school targets.

Year 1 Phonics – You asked, we’re answering. We’re delighted to say that the Year 1 Phonics report is now available.

Completed years – View, export, and analyse previous years’ assessment data. We recognise that there are times when you need to access information from a previously completed Key Stage, for example comparison of test outcomes between year groups, or to evaluate the impact of intervention programmes within the school. You can now do this within Aspire Pupil Tracking.

Combined indicators – We know that this headline measure has been absent in the system, so to help you better understand the picture of assessment at your school we’re adding a combined Reading, Writing, and Maths indicator to all of our reports.

Coming soon to Aspire Pupil Tracking

We’re adding to the system constantly to ensure that you have a tracking system that meets your needs. Here’s what’s coming soon to Aspire Pupil Tracking.

New assessment types

We’re always increasing our external test providers, to give you a system that suits your needs. We know that schools use a wide range of assessments and want to ensure that this is reflected in our system.

Improved tracking tools

Save time with the automatic sync with RSA Mark. At the click of a button you’ll be able to view your RS assessments within Aspire Pupil Tracking, so no more inputting to both systems. You’ll be able to compare your RS data to your FFT benchmark estimates, as well as any school or pupil targets.

Tina’s Top Tips

To get the most of Aspire Pupil Tracking, we suggest the following next steps...

  • Set targets within FFT Aspire

  • Analyse the Autumn Assessment Tracking reports

  • Create your Spring term assessments

  • Join our Pupil Tracking webinars

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