Phonics case studies

from Success for All & FFT

Find out how different schools around the UK have used Success For All Phonics*

Tudor Academy · FSM 44.5% · EAL 22.6%


The focus on developing reading across the school, including for pleasure, is increasing pupils’ reading enjoyment and skills.”

Claire Majumdar, Head Teacher

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Gonville Academy · FSM 20.8% · EAL 59%


The systemic, cooperative approach employed by Success for All has consistently yielded fantastic progress and attainment for more than two years”

Samantha Daly, Head Teacher

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East Wickham Primary · FSM 39.3% · EAL 27.1%


Our children enjoy the pace of these lessons and the high levels of engagement”

Jo Whiley, Co-Head Teacher

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Anchorsholme Primary · FSM 17.3% · EAL 2.6%


It is not only in reading that SfA has brought a dramatic improvement. The co-operative learning strategies that are introduced and constantly reinforced through SfA have a significant impact on children’s ’readiness to learn’”

Graeme Dow, Head Teacher

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* Case studies refer to the previous edition of Success For All Phonics

What schools are saying

Success for All has provided us with a structured, systematic approach that has enabled all teachers to teach reading effectively, including the key skills of decoding and comprehension.”

Headteacher at Badsley Primary School, Rotherham

It was daunting to change the way we teach phonics, but FFT Success for All Phonics removed a lot of the stress and workload for our staff.

The guides are easy to use, the training is accessible, the reading resources have provided challenge for our children and the Parent Portal has been well accessed to support learning to read at home. For those learners that find it hard to keep up, the Tutoring with the Lightning Squad intervention is fun, engaging and progressive.

Lisa Loxton, Deputy Head, The Rissington School

Our children enjoy the pace of these lessons and the high levels of engagement. In addition, SFA provide ongoing CPD for staff, meaning that we are constantly improving the quality of teaching and the outcomes of our children.”

Co-Head Teacher at East Wickham Primary Academy

As a result of the work we have done with Success for All, pupils are more able to discuss with understanding the books they have read, the teaching of reading has become focused and explicit and the data shows that more pupils are achieving the expected level for their age compared with a year ago.”

Headteacher at Badsley Primary School, Rotherham

Children themselves demonstrate excellent behaviours for learning, due to the whole school strategy of co-operative learning, including children who had been disengaged previously are now enthusiastic and active participants in their learning.”

Executive Headteacher and Director of Leadership & Development, STEP Academy Trust

We’ve been really impressed! The Shared Readers are a real success; the children are so eager to read them each week! The vocabulary has excited them and improved their reading skills.”

Isabel Stewart, Foundation Lead, St John the Evangelist School