A DfE-funded intervention programme that improves pupils' reading comprehension by +2 months

FFT Literacy Reciprocal Reading

What is Reciprocal Reading?

  • A structured, discussion-based approach to teaching reading comprehension
  • Develops children's understanding of a text
  • Uses four strategies: predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising
  • Children use these strategies to make sense of what they read and become more confident, independent readers
  • Delivered to small groups (4-8 pupils) with a trained teacher or teaching assistant
  • A teacher or teaching assistant will run at least two 20-30 minute Reciprocal Reading sessions each week for 12-16 weeks

The evidence: improving reading comprehension and overall reading

  • *EEF funded an efficacy trial and independent evaluation with 98 schools and 5,222 pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6.
  • Children using Reciprocal Reading as a targeted intervention made +2 months' additional progression in reading comprehension and overall reading compared to the control group.
  • The intervention had an even larger positive impact with disadvantaged children eligible for free school meals.

How do you implement Reciprocal Reading?


  • FFT provides all materials, texts and resources for a lead teacher and two teachers/teaching assistants to work with up to 24 pupils (3 teacher manuals and 27 books for use with children)
  • FFT provides an initial 1-day training session for the lead teacher and two teachers/TAs (online)
  • FFT provides a follow-up 1-day training session focussed on developing challenge and extending children's thinking (online)
  • FFT provides a further 2 half-day visits from an FFT literacy adviser to support the development of practice (online)


  • School identifies a lead teacher and two teachers/TAs who will deliver Reciprocal Reading
  • School implements Reciprocal Reading with at least 20 pupils in Years 5 or 6 with two 20-30 minute sessions a week for 12-16 weeks (4-8 pupils in each group)
  • School provides cover for staff attending the training and support visits

How much does it cost?

School cost


normally £2,500

DfE funding available

Take advantage of DfE/EEF Accelerator Funding (80% subsidy)

  • The normal cost for FFT's Reciprocal Reading programme is £2,500.
  • However, the DfE and EEF are providing Accelerator Funding to help 115 schools implement Reciprocal Reading in 2022.
  • The subsided cost for 115 schools to apply and implement the programme will be £500 (a saving of £2,000).
  • The Accelerator funding is for schools in the following Regional Schools Commissioner areas: North of England, East Midlands & Humber, and West Midlands.

Find out more about Reciprocal Reading at one of our online events

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Please note that DfE/EEF Accelerator funding is only available to 115 schools.

Alternatively you can phone us on 01642 230811 or email literacy@fft.org.uk
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