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Why did Newcroft Primary Academy choose FFT Success for All Phonics?

School leaders and staff were looking for a programme, developed by a trusted name in the education sector, that was aligned with the National Curriculum, and that was progressive and fast paced from pre-school upwards, to mirror the school’s outstanding curriculum offer.

Newcroft were impressed by the comprehensive resources and support provided by FFT Success for All Phonics, which allowed their teachers to effectively implement phonics instruction in the classroom.

The programme's proven track record of improving literacy skills, combined with developing a love of reading for all pupils, was a key factor in their decision to choose itFurthermore, leaders were looking for an online assessment tool that would reduce workload across teaching and assessment. FFT Success for All Phonics offers excellent value for money and this was a key driver in the school’s decision to adopt the programme.

The children love it and are developing into excellent readers.

Lorraine Lloyd

Year 1 Teacher and Phonics Lead

All phonics staff undertook the initial core training via the webinars as a group during the summer term before we launched the scheme in September 2022. Prior to rolling out the scheme I ran a training session, modelling a lesson in practise during a Teacher Training day and then refreshed my knowledge by watching the on-demand videos on the portal.

I find the planning clear, straight forward and easy to use and I like that all of the resources are provided. The children love it and they are developing into excellent readers that share a love for reading.

I’m delighted with the results we gained last year using the SfA phonics programme. The portal is a fantastic resource that I use frequently and I love that all of the documents are available as digital downloads, so you can easily make more. This has positively impacted staff workload; everything is clearly planned and easy to follow. The Reading Assessment Programme is another excellent resource that I use frequently to assess and monitor children’s progress. This has had a huge impact on reducing my workload as I can easily pull off reports rather than manually flicking through paper assessments.

The support I have received from FFT is exemplary. Whatever your method and nature of enquiry, the support team are very fast, friendly and helpful.”

Implementing the programme


All Pre-School, Reception, KS1 and our Year 3 team attended the webinars for the core training required to deliver the phonics and shared reader lessons while the whole team at Newcroft were briefed about the programme and shown how the portals work. The phonics team had an additional training session led by the Phonics Lead and Assistant Head, where we looked at a typical lesson plan and practised delivering a lesson to each other. As new staff join year groups, they complete the on-demand training sessions.

The Portal is an excellent resource that staff use frequently to refresh themselves of the programme implementation. After a few weeks of implementing the programme, the Phonics Lead and English Lead dropped into classes, conducted observations and provided feedback of what was going well and if further training and support was required. Staff regularly engage in CPD that is available on the portal and are actively encouraged to sign up for this.


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parental engagement

Reading progress made

All staff teaching FFT’s Success for All Phonics have really liked the ease and simplicity of adopting the programme and following the planning and materials. All staff have been impressed with the high quality CPD and day to day support on offer.

We achieved outstanding Phonics Screening Check results in June 2023, achieving a 93% pass rate, with an average score of 37. The results were significantly above the local and national averages, and in the top 10% of results nationally.

The school has seen a huge increase in parental engagement in early reading as a result of the SfA programme.

Spotlight on pupil progress

I like it when we read. I like that the pictures help you. I like it after two days off, on Mondays, because we learn new red words. We read and clap the red words as this helps us read and spell them. I like the pictures in the reading books and the stories.

Emily, Year 1

I liked to learn more. I really liked what the flashcards looked like – the pictures. This helped me to learn the digraphs. I like reading because I get to learn new things. I read at home now.

Toby, Year 2

After one year of SFA phonics, Toby went from being a reluctant reader with low decoding accuracy and WCPM to reading 51 WCPM and scoring 39 on the Phonics Screen Test and with a standardised score of 103. He really liked the visuals and the rhymes for the GPCs. His mum was amazed at his progress and the love of reading he developed.
I enjoy phonics a lot. I like the rhymes with the GPCs, for example ‘I see a tree’, because I get to learn and remember the sound. The books are really good because you work with a partner and help them. The red words in the front of the book help us to remember them.

Aiden, Year 1

Spelling with the Jungle Club is my favourite lesson at school.

Raana, Year 2

This child joined our school at the beginning of Year 2 and he used a different programme at his previous school. After only a few weeks with using SFA’s Spelling with the Jungle Club, this was his response.

Why is Newcroft Primary Academy pleased with FFT Success for All Phonics?

Lorraine Lloyd, Year 1 Teacher and Phonics Lead, highlights the benefits seen since using the phonics programme:

All staff teaching the Success for All phonics programme like the ease and simplicity of following the plans. The assessments are easy to administer and give a clear picture of individual’s and cohort progress.

Everything is progressive and the visuals and rhymes are excellent for memory aid. Often, if children are stuck, they will say the rhyme and then this helps them identify the GPC.

Support that we receive is speedy and efficient- via email, phone and on the Portal, FFT are always open to suggestions and feedback to improve their offer to schools.

The Portals are updated frequently with new or adapted materials and the CPD offer is excellent, providing on-demand or live training to support and enhance teaching across all year groups.

Even reluctant readers enjoy the lessons and develop into confident readers that share a love of reading.

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