Unpacking the real impact of Covid-19 on our pupils, teachers and schools

Thank you to everyone who attended this FFT Datalab conference on 24 March 2022.

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About the conference

Over the last two years, Covid-19 has had a significant impact on our pupils, teachers and schools. Using the latest research data alongside real-world experiences, this half-day virtual conference examined the wide-ranging effects of the pandemic so far as well as its potential future impact on children and young people.

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Conference materials

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Jason Bradbury

Keynote · Education in 2021/22: The national picture from Ofsted's perspective

Jason Bradbury, Ofsted
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Katie BeynonNatasha Plaister

The story of the pandemic through data. What can we learn?

Katie Beynon & Natasha Plaister, FFT Education Datalab
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Hans H. Sievertsen

Measuring the impact of Covid-19 on pupils and schools around the world. How does the UK compare?

Dr Hans H. Sievertsen, University of Bristol
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Davina Wakelin

Strategies for managing primary school attendance during the pandemic — What can we learn?

Davina Wakelin, Cavendish School, Eastbourne
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John Jerrim

The mental health and wellbeing of teachers and pupils. What does the evidence show?

Professor John Jerrim, Institute of Education
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David Kilby

Strategies for managing secondary school attendance during the pandemic — What can we learn?

Dave Kilby, Cavendish School, Eastbourne
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Becky Allen

Understanding the impact of 'live instruction' at home. What do the shared experiences of teachers and parents tell us?

Professor Becky Allen, Teacher Tapp
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Andrew Daly

Supporting schools during the pandemic — what can we learn? A Trust perspective.

Andrew Daly, CMAT (Trust)
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Sean Green

Monitoring, tracking and comparing attendance data. How to get the most out of FFT Attendance Tracker.

Sean Green, FFT
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Supporting schools during the pandemic — what can we learn? An LA perspective.

Dave Hollomby, Wirral LA
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Discussion and further viewing

Panel discussion about the impact of Covid-19, what we've learned, and some suggestions on where to go next.

Paul Charman, Jason Bradbury, Natasha Plaister, John Jerrim, Becky Allen and Davina Wakelin
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