FFT Aspire Data Exchange

Keeping your school in sync

Data Exchange is a free service connecting Aspire to your school MIS, ensuring your systems are synchronised and the information we hold for you is always up to date.


With an active Data Exchange connection, your school will have access to our increased range of products and services throughout 2021.


Access all our services

All our 2021 services require an active Data Exchange connection and up-to-date Data Sharing Agreement.

To check your Data Exchange status, simply log in to Aspire now.

If you've already set up Data Exchange, check that you've signed the latest Data Sharing Agreement via our Data Connector partners - Groupcall and Wonde.

Check your Aspire Data Exchange statusUpdate your data sharing agreement

Data Exchange connector partners

Aspire Data Exchange works with the following connector partners:


Compatible school MIS packages

Aspire Data Exchange works seamlessly with many of the leading school systems:


Set up Data Exchange

Log in to Aspire

You will need ‘Aspire Setup’ permissions to turn on Data Exchange. Once logged in, Administrators will find detailed guidance in the Aspire Help Centre.

Should you need further assistance, our Support team are on hand to help. Email support@fft.org.uk or 01446 776 262 (option 2).

Aspire Data Exchange is free to all Aspire schools.