Coming to Aspire in Spring/Summer 2019

KS2 Question Level Reporting for primary schools

Dig below the surface of KS2 scaled scores and bands to undertake more a detailed analysis of Maths, Reading and GPS strands.

KS5 Summary Self Evaluation Dashboards

New reports provide a summary of performance across KS5.

Early Results Service

Look out for our free early results analysis in the summer term. We’ll be enhancing and extending the service to include Key Stages 1, 2 and 4.

Aspire Pupil Tracking

A new way to track progress in Infant, Junior and Primary schools. A ‘common currency’ approach to tracking that syncs all your key data in one place.

Single sign-on

Single secure access to all FFT’s main systems – Aspire, Pupil Tracking, Analytics and E-learning.