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FFT Aspire for LA, MAT and Diocesan School Improvement Advisers

Explore how to support your school more effectively with FFT Aspire

FFT Aspire for School Improvement Advisers – KS2, KS4

This hands-on training course is specifically designed for School Improvement Advisers in LAs, Dioceses and MATs. The session covers the practical use of FFT Aspire and, in particular, how advisers aided by FFT data can support their schools more effectively.

This course is open to all School Improvement Advisers who have an organisational level subscription to FFT Aspire. No previous knowledge of Aspire is required for this course.

The half day hands-on course will cover the following areas:

  • A practical overview of the FFT Aspire system
  • Use of FFT Aspire Self Evaluation dashboards to quickly identify key strengths and weaknesses in your own organisation as well as the schools you are working with
  • Understanding and using FFT estimates to assist effective target setting in the schools you support
  • Discovering how Target Setting and Student Explorer can be used to identify groups of pupils who may require additional support
  • Looking at how Collaborate can be used to create self-evaluation dashboards for your own “bespoke groups of schools” to focus your support
  • Successfully implementing and extending Aspire in your organisation

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20th June 2019

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Just £175 + VAT per delegate