Aspire Pupil Tracking

RSA Mark auto-sync

We are delighted to announce a new feature as part of our ongoing partnership with RS Assessment from Hodder Education. Leading the way in data integration, at the click of a button you can transfer all of your RS Mark assessments directly to FFT Aspire Pupil Tracking. This allows you to compare all of your assessment data alongside FFT’s unique estimates and your school & pupil targets.

Benefits of using RS MARK

  • Quickly analyse gaps in learning to inform targeted teaching

  • Enter paper test scores into online marksheets or, if you’re using auto-marked interactive tests, all results will feed through automatically

  • Effortlessly generate reports for individuals, classes, schools and tailored groups to view and compare pupil progress and attainment

  • Easily download visual reports ideal for sharing with colleagues and parents.

Benefits of Aspire Pupil Tracking

  • Analyse all your assessment data in one place – teacher assessments, standardised tests, DfE KS1 and KS2 tests

  • Understand how much progress your pupils, classes and cohorts are making over time using real-time assessment data

  • Compare your current assessment data to FFT’s estimates of future performance or your own school targets

  • Uses FFT’s familiar dashboardreports to make your analysis quick, simple and effective.


Transfer your data in 3 simple steps:

Log into RSA Admin Hub and agree to data sharing with FFT
Log into Aspire Pupil Tracking and import your RS assessment results
View your RS assessment pupil, class and cohort reports in Aspire Pupil Tracking

Import the full range of RS assessments


PIRA/PUMA 2016 (current)

PIRA/PUMA 2021 (new)

NTS Maths and Reading


PIRA/PUMA 2016 (current)

GAPs 2016 (current)

PIRA/PUMA 2021 (new)

NTS Maths and Reading

Comparing Assessments – the FFT ‘Common Currency’ approach

Aspire Pupil Tracking allows schools to input all their RS Assessment pupil test data quickly and easily. Standardised scores are then converted
automatically in real time to a DfE scaled score – the ‘common currency’ used by Aspire Pupil Tracking to compare RS Assessments tests to other
tests, TAs, targets and FFT’s own benchmark estimates. Moreover, because Aspire Pupil Tracking also syncs to the school MIS, it means users can compare pupil, class, group and cohort progress using Aspire’s familiar and easy to use dashboards.

Testimonial – Text to come

About the Partnership

We’re delighted to have RS Assessment as an official partner! RS Assessment’s popular PiRA, PUMA, GAPS and NTS standardised tests are now common-place in many primary schools, helping teachers and senior leaders to track in-year progress across Key Stage 1 and 2.