FFT 2017 Autumn Roadshows

Life after RAISE

Getting the most out of FFT Aspire and the new RAISE replacement

A big thank you

Thank you to all those schools that took part in this year’s FFT autumn roadshow events.  The feedback has been excellent and we hope that you will join us again in 2018.  Remember, all your KS4 data is now available in Aspire so please do use the roadshows as a springboard for logging in to FFT Aspire and making good use of all the FFT target setting, self evaluation and collaboration data available to your school.

Five things to do in school:

  1. Download your KS4 PDF School dashboard from FFT Aspire.  Remember, the new Extended School dashboard contains additional subject reports not included in the basic School dashboard.
  2. Aspire is an INTERACTIVE system, not just a PDF.  Create YOUR OWN dashboards & favourites. Make Aspire WORK FOR YOU!
  3. Use the framework provided in your roadshow packs to blend your ASP & Aspire self evaluation and maximise the use of both systems.
  4. Add pupil targets to Aspire and see how the aggregates compare to your FFT benchmark targets.
  5. If you’d like to be part of our tracking pilot please email support@fft.org.uk with your contact details including name, school and DfE number.

Over 2,500 schools attended an FFT roadshow this autumn.

“All of it was excellent — thank you!”

Rachel Saim, Principal, Oak Hill Academy, Hounslow

“Excellent delivery — clarifies the National picture.”

Paula Thompson, Headteacher. Benedict Biscop Church of England Academy, Sunderland

“Excellent — helpful and informative providers with up-to-date knowledge on DfE changes.”

Jacqui Whiteman, Headteacher, Great Torrington School, Devon