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Why did Benchill Primary School choose FFT Success for All Phonics?

Benchill Primary were previous users of the original Success for All programme. They knew the programme had a positive impact on children’s outcomes and so wanted to continue with a scheme they trusted.

The school has previously used FFT Aspire for several years for data tracking. The joining of the two organisations gave staff at the school increased confidence in the phonics scheme.

Quicker, more efficient

Helen Eken


The Reading Assessment Programme provides a quicker, more efficient system. It's online and very intuitive to use. We can now constantly review our phonics groups, allowing for fluidity across the groups. I have no doubt this facilitates children's rapid progress.

Implementing the programme

Once the school had the resources, the programme was easy for staff to pick up and deliver. The online portal with videos and training has been an invaluable tool for all staff.

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Reading progress made

  • 2018 - Y1 Phonics Screening Check – 73%
  • 2022 - Y1 Phonics Screening Check saw an increase to 83%
  • 2023 - Y1 Phonics Screening Check is back to 2018 level (73%), however KS1 SEND and EHCP are high and EAL pupil numbers have increased in recent times.

Spotlight on pupil progress

His confidence has grown, which is having a positive impact on both behaviour and progress in other curriculum areas.

Class teacher

I love phonics. I am always learning new sounds and this then helps me to read more words. In Reception I couldn’t read very well but now I am reading lots of words!

Child A

Child A has always been a reluctant reader and has struggled with attention. He is more engaged with the faster pace of the scheme and, with the use of Reading Assessment Programme and Tutoring with the Lightning Squad, the child is showing a greater interest in phonics and reading. He has made a huge amount of progress as can be seen in the data.

Why is Benchill Primary School pleased with FFT Success for All Phonics?

Headteacher, Helen Eken, highlights the benefits seen since using the phonics programme:

It is clearly sequenced and easily accessible for all staff, including supply staff.
Routines become embedded very quickly and a consistent approach is followed across year groups to reduce cognitive load.
Using the programme specifically with small groups of EAL and SEND children, we have noticed this has improved their communication with their peers.

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