New developments for the summer

Now available in FFT Aspire


Enhance your evaluation using Aspire’s new Pupil Scatterplot feature

We’ve now added pupil scatterplots to Aspire’s self evaluation dashboards making it even easier to analyse your performance visually

Quick and easy to use

Plot all your pupils on a single chart.

Focused outlier analysis

Quickly identify excellence and under performance on the same chart.

Extended set of indicators and criteria

Chart attainment, progress, estimates and prior attainment across a wide range of invididual subjects and headline indicators.

Pinch and zoom

Use Aspire’s zoom facility to ‘zone in’ on a group of pupils. Then simply click a pupil to reveal their performance.

Chart ANY group of pupils

Aspire’s Advanced filtering system allows you to select and highlight the performance of any group of pupils in your school. Use in conjunction with Aspire’s new ‘Live Pupil Editing’ functionality to analyse individual classes or intervention groups.


Are you closing the gap?

Aspire now includes a specific Disadvantaged report to help you focus on this critical group of pupils

Measure attainment and progress gaps

Compare the attainment AND progress of disadvantaged/non-disadvantaged pupils in your school to national comparator groups for any indicator.

Easy to use bar chart analysis

Aspire’s simple bar chart analysis allows you to clearly identify progress gaps across all major pupil groups.

Highlight strengths and weaknesses

Use Aspire’s statistical significance to quickly identify potential issues along with significant changes in performance over time.


Make your Aspire dashboard truly bespoke with Live Pupil Editing

Aspire’s new ‘Live Pupil Editing’ feature allows you to create a self evaluation dashboard for any set of pupils in your school

Create a dashboard for ANY group of pupils

Remove pupils that shouldn’t be included in performance tables; produce class based or intervention group analyses.

Quick and easy to use

Simply select or unselect pupils on-screen.

Available to everyone

No need to wait for your administrator to create a group for you. Any Aspire user can create their own bespoke dashboard.

Demonstrate impact and effectiveness

You’ve been working with a specific group of pupils over the last year. Then why not create a dashboard to clearly and objectively demonstrate the impact of your work?

Save that dashboard

Once you’ve selected a group of pupils, you can save your settings so that you never need to do it again! Your ‘favourite’ dashboard is available whenever you login.


Our Favourite new feature

Aspire now allows any user to ‘favourite’ a report along with all of its settings. Find it, save it, use it again and again!

Create and save a range of ‘standard’ dashboards for your school

Save a range of standard dashboards for your school – Disadvantaged, SEND, Low attainers, EAL and more.

Focus on the things that matter

Once you’ve saved a report you can share the link with others, allowing your school to focus on the issues that really matter.

Clearly demonstrate impact

Create and save dashboards for specific groups of pupils that allow you to clearly demonstrate the positive impact your school is having. A single ‘outcomes based’ document, created in seconds, and perfect for inspection!

Favourite a bespoke dashboard

Works for any group including individual classes or intervention groups.