Key features & pricing

Plans for any organisation. Subscribe to set targets, evaluate performance and support pupils throughout the year.

Infant school

£60 + 95p/pupil + VAT

Primary school

£80 + 95p/pupil + VAT

Secondary school

£500 + 95p/pupil + VAT

School group discounts

Contact us about discounts for groups of schools subscribing to FFT Aspire.

Local authority

Academy chain/MAT


A range of FFT Aspire subscription options are available for other organisations working with schools.

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 FFT Aspire
Target settingSelf-evaluationStudent explorerCollaborateAdministration
The most advanced target setting system available to schools · learn more
Works out-of-the-box using link to national pupil database
Instant access to target setting data for new pupils
Future proof — uses the latest national
standards and 9-1 methodology
Fully interactive with visual and clear design
Covers all Key Stages from 1 to 5
Set personalised targets for each pupil
Set varying levels of challenge to match
your aspirations - average, high or very high
Choose how users interact with targets (editing, sharing, viewing)
Tailored estimates for subjects
Clean and simple exports of pupil benchmarks and targets for school MIS systems
Fully interactive dashboards with advanced filtering features · learn more
Compare your progress to similar pupils in similar schools nationally
Simple and quick to use
Visual and clear design
Supports full self-evaluation and inspection
Identify strengths and weaknesses for pupils, subjects and pupil groups
Covers all Key Stages from 1 to 5
Create your own dashboards
Includes pre-built PDF dashboards
Uses DfE attainment and progress measures
Extended FFT value added and CVA measures for better assessment of school effectiveness
Colour coding using statistical signficance helps you to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses
Tabular and charting capabilities
Pupil groups reporting with gap analysis
Trend analysis over time
Compare 'old' and 'new' style results with FFT's true statistical conversion
Remove pupils from your self evaluation
analyses (coming soon)
Interactive scatter plot analyses (coming soon)
Intervention and support · learn more
A fully interactive dashboard for every
pupil including full 'term-by-term' history
Covers all Key Stages from 1 to 5
Improves early intervention and support
FFT's Alert system helps to identify and prioritise support needs
Identify pupils with the potential to make rapid progress
Includes all previous Key Stage attainment & progress
Full FSM, SEN and school history
Termly attendance tracker from Reception to Y11
Advanced sorting and filtering options
Collaborating with other schools · learn more
Fully interactive 'opt-in' service
Identify and share best practice with other
Benchmark against other schools in your
Access to evaluation dashboards for other
Group dashboards - evaluate the
combined performance of a group of
Identify common strengths and weaknesses
Ideal for MATs, chains and school alliances
Secure and safe access
Ability to set up or be part of multiple
school groups
Manage and customise Aspire for your users
Prepopulate options to quickly start the target setting process for pupils
Customisable list of subjects available for target setting
Set individual benchmark challenge levels for subjects
Choose how users interact with the targets (editing, sharing etc)
Review the groups your school belongs to
Enable access to groups for users in your school
Create accounts for users in your school to access the full suite of Aspire analyses
Comprehensive user management options