October 2019

Introducing our new Tracking Partnership Programme

FFT Education and RS Assessment from Hodder Education.

Our new tracking product – Aspire Pupil Tracking – has launched to Primary schools in England.

Aspire Pupil Tracking adds assessment progress tracking to Aspire’s existing self-evaluation, target setting and collaboration modules.

A key feature of Aspire Pupil Tracking is the ability to compare Teacher Assessments, DfE KS1/KS2 tests and standardised assessments from other providers - all in one system.

FFT Tracking Partnership Programme

In order to maximise the number of standardised assessments available to schools, we’ve introduced our Tracking Partnership Programme and we’re delighted to announce that our first official partner is RS Assessment from Hodder Education.

RS Assessment’s popular PiRA, PUMA and GAPS standardised tests are now common-place in many primary schools, helping teachers and senior leaders to track in-year progress across Key Stage 1 and 2.

Comparing Assessments – the FFT ‘Common Currency’ approach

Aspire Pupil Tracking allows schools to input all their RS Assessment pupil test data quickly and easily. Standardised scores are then converted automatically in real time to a DfE scaled score – the ‘common currency’ used by Aspire Pupil Tracking to compare RS Assessments tests to other tests, TAs, targets and FFT’s own benchmark estimates.

Moreover, because Aspire Pupil Tracking also syncs to the school MIS, it means users can compare pupil, class, group and cohort progress using Aspire’s familiar and easy to use dashboards.

More exciting new partnership opportunities are just ahead

We’ll be adding even more exciting RS Assessment functionality over the coming months with the introduction of their new National Test-style standardised tests, NTS Assessments, and automatic syncing to MARK, their free assessment and reporting tool trusted by over 6,000 schools. We’ll tell you more about these and other features in forthcoming blogposts so please do keep a lookout!


Want to know more about Aspire Pupil Tracking?

Existing Aspire subscribers

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  • Log in to FFT Aspire.
  • Email our support team (support@fft.org.uk) or phone us on 01446 776262 (option 2). We can also get you up and running in minutes.

Non-subscribing schools

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Want to know more about RS Assessment from Hodder Education?

Get more details at the RS Assessment website.

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