Key Stage 2 Literacy

Year 6 Preparation for National Tests

Success for All provides a Year 6 programme which is designed to teach children and provide them with the skills needed to succeed in Year 6 National Tests at the end of Key Stage 2. The programme contains 11 one-week units each with their own reading extracts, practice test and optional extended writing exercise.

What is provided?

11 one-week units

Reading extracts provided

Practice tests

Optional extended writing exercise

Prepare your children with the skills required for the KS2 National Tests


Wings: Key Stage 2 Literacy Programme

Our KS2 literacy programme, Wings offers daily lessons in reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Wings is based on years of evidence-based practice and research that supports and challenges both basic and more competent readers to develop their skills through reading a wide range of carefully selected texts.

In Wings, children are grouped according to their reading age rather than their year group or special educational need. The teacher can then teach to their specific abilities rather than differentiating across a wide range in a year group.

"Wings supports teachers in developing essential KS2 literacy skills such as inference, deduction, summarisation, prediction and questioning."

This significantly reduces the strain on the teacher to differentiate high quality lessons for all the children in their class, and increases children’s confidence as they are given books that they can access immediately, with the appropriate level of challenge.


The Wings curriculum is based entirely around real books by famous authors with over 100+ units ranging from one to four weeks long in a wide variety of genres from fiction to non-fiction, poetry to plays, classical extracts to digital e-texts. Children read the entire book and complete a weekly writing task matched to the book’s genre and grammar focus. Every year we introduce more Wings titles so even existing SFA schools can refresh their curriculum and include the latest titles.

Wings supports teachers in developing essential KS2 literacy skills such as inference, deduction, summarisation, prediction and questioning. Our weekly units contain mini-comprehension tests based around question type identification strategies, which research has shown to be excellent preparation for Year 6 SATs tests. The Wings programme also comes with a suite of over 50+ Extended Writing Modules and Grammar for Editing manuals designed to teach your class how to write across all the major genres and edit their work accordingly.

What is provided?

Year 3 to Year 6

100+ teaching units based on real books

Reading, Writing, Spelling and Grammar

90 minutes a day