Get a clearer picture

Free online overview of your school performance

Get a clearer picture

The Fischer Family Trust recently introduced an opportunity for schools who do not have a current FFT Aspire subscription to view their own school data online with one of our education advisors.

We only have limited spaces available, taking just 30 minutes.

Our dashboards and interactive system combine the latest DfE data measures as well as an extended range of FFT measures, giving you the opportunity for more detailed analysis of attainment and value added progress.

During your online overview we will show you:

  • How to read the data, including using the wealth of value added data and the use of significance testing throughout to view issues that may make a real difference to results in the future
  • An overview of your school performance to quickly understand your data
  • Our unique Attainment and Progress Report, to compare latest DfE performance with previous years using our recalculated historic comparative analysis. We will be able to help you identify areas to focus upon, maybe requiring more progress

  • An overview of your pupil groups, particularly useful when considering Pupil Premium effectiveness or eliminating the gap between groups
  • Predictive progress compared to average schools, high progressing schools and top performing schools
  • Pupil progress predictions for each pupil with target setting options
  • Student Explorer – information on all the current pupils on roll at your fingertips
  • A subject-by-subject look at your future Key Stage One and Key Stage Two performance for up to four years ahead.

We hope that you take this opportunity to see your data online.

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