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As Assistant Headteacher and Data Manager of Springfield School in Portsmouth, Colette Kilgallon uses FFT data each day to find out where the school’s strengths and weaknesses lie. This is a process that encourages the school to engage in self review, department review and discussions with governors, parents and pupils.

The FFT School Dashboard, in particular, is a big hit with the school thanks to its accessible presentation.

Heads of years, heads of departments and their Senior Leadership Team line managers use the summative data to review department performance
alongside other information such as national transition matrices, whilst at the same time keeping a close eye on individual pupil targets.

FFT data can be imported into a school’s management information
system, a feature that Springfield School is already taking advantage of.

“Together with the day-to-day support of their parents, various intervention measures have been put into place to align high academic achievement with the notion of being ‘cool’ instead of the opposite.”Colette Kilgallon, Assistant Head & Data Manager