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Helping pupils make the progress of which they’re capable

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Interpreting FFT data, and communicating the most interesting and relevant statistics within it to teachers across the school, is a key part of deputy head teacher Nicky Bridges’ day-to-day role at Robin Hood Primary School in Nottingham.

“Using the FFT aspirational targets has helped drive results for the Year 6 cohorts going through their last year. We also now use FFT end of year and Key Stage targets which means all our teachers and staff are aware of pupils’ important attainment targets.

There is lots of information within the FFT analyses but a clear focus on the prior attainment of pupils and their ability to meet and exceed targets is a hugely beneficial resource in raising standards.”

“For the last three years we have focused our data use strongly on Year 6 pupils at the end of Key Stage 2 and during this time our progress from Key Stage 1 has massively improved. This means students now not only meet, but also exceed predicted targets.”Nicky Bridges, Deputy Headteacher