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Comparing outcomes with similar schools

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At Matthew Arnold School, teachers meet regularly with students and use FFT Aspire data as a base to discuss desired grades, comparing students’ achievements with those of a similar attainment level. Assistant Head Andrew Webster, sees the importance of teachers being able to show that the pupils themselves have control over achieving particular grades.

By building confidence FFT Aspire helps both teachers and students to set and achieve specific goals. As class levels vary in terms of ability, having a clear idea of the students’ expected grades can give a more accurate benchmark for teachers to aim for.

“FFT Aspire gives some hard evidence that lets you rationally look and evaluate, to see what’s working well, what’s not and what can be improved. With Aspire you can drill down through the data, then think about how you might use that in your establishment to drive forward improvement for the future of the school and its pupils.”

“Data has helped teachers to evaluate their performance
and identify where they’re having an effect on outcomes for students.”Andrew Webster, Assistant Head