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Make ASP ASPire-ing!

Getting the most out of Aspire and ASP

Make ASP ASPire-ing!

Both the DfE's Analysing School Performance (ASP) and Ofsted's Inspection Dashboards (IDSR) are substantially different systems to their predecessors.

This course will look at how Primary schools can use FFT Aspire in conjunction with ASP and IDSR for an enhanced view of their school performance. You will look at how FFT Aspire can be used to provide a comprehensive picture of your school's outcomes. The course will also enable participants to see how the other functions within FFT Aspire can be used for monitoring their attainment and progress to support the school development process.

It is essential that participants bring with them:

  • Their username/password to FFT Aspire
  • A copy of or access to their ASP
  • A copy of or access to their IDSR

To obtain full value from this course you should bring along a copy of your school priorities.

Participants should have an understanding of the key functions of the system. Basic FFT Aspire dashboard content, navigation and functionality of the FFT Aspire system is covered only briefly in this course.

Participants who are completely new to FFT Aspire may wish to attend theFFT Aspire Introductory training for all England schools’ course beforehand.

During this practical hands-on course, you will:

  • See an outline of the key features and reports within ASP and IDSR
  • See how the FFT Aspire dashboards can enrich the analysis provided in ASP and IDSR
  • Explore how the tailoring of Aspire reports can be used to effectively evaluate a school's performance and progress
  • Discover how the further functionality within Aspire can allow you to delve deeper into your data
  • Plan how to use the reports within Aspire to supplement those in ASP and IDSR for your middle/subject leaders, teachers and Governors
  • Review the additional Aspire modules of Target Setting and Student Explorer to see how these can support your school development planning.

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