2023 FFT Early Results Service

for secondary schools

Get an early national analysis of GCSE results before the autumn term. Now also includes A-level reports!


FFT's Secondary Early Results service is the fastest way to get a comprehensive national analysis of all your 2023 results before the end of term.

Free to all Aspire schools, this year's service has been extended to include A-levels as well as KS4. Schools using the service will also gain early access to estimates of future KS5 attainment in September.

So make the best possible end to 2022/23 and start the next academic year with FFT's 2023 Early Results Service for Secondary schools


Upload by 4pm Fri 25 August


Upload by 4pm Fri 8 September

Key Stage 4 reports for 2023

GCSE Summary report


A complete FFT summary analysis of your 2023 results on a single page. Compare your 2023 results to other FFT schools.

Pupil groups

See how results vary by key pupil groups, FSM, gender, SEND and more.


A breakdown of results by extended ethnicity categories.

Pupil list

All your pupils' assessments on a single page.

Individual pupil

An individual pupil-based report for every student in Year 11.

Includes attendance filter

Investigate your performance by attendance bands.

Key Stages 4 & 5

Get new estimates

Key Stage 4 uploaded results will provide Year 12 estimates (for schools with post-16 provision) early in the autumn term.

Updated self-evaluation dashboards

Dashboards will be refreshed from your data in the autumn term.

How does it work?

Select your subjects and submit your results in Aspire

We’ll process your pupils’ assessments along with data from 1000s of other FFT schools

Access your reports in Aspire

Important dates for this year’s service

Key Stage 4

  • Opens — download your templates

    Thu 24 August

  • Upload by

    4pm on Fri 25 August

  • Access your early reports by

    Fri 1 September

Current phase

Service closes Fri 8 September. Uploads after 25 August receive self-evaluation reports only.

Key Stage 5

  • Opens — download your templates

    Thu 17 August

  • Upload by

    4pm on Fri 8 September

  • Access your Aspire self-evaluation reports

    middle of the autumn term

Watch a how-to webinar


Make sure you're ready and find out more about the service by watching our how-to webinar.

Our expert team will take you through the simple process of securely submitting your data to FFT. They will also show you the range of reports available and how these reports can be used to inform planning for the new academic year.

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Help & information

Want to access FFT's 2023 Early Results Service for Secondary schools? You'll need an FFT Aspire subscription.


Contact our sales team directly by emailing sales@fft.org.uk or calling 01446 500919.

Email Sales


For any questions about using the 2023 Early Results Service, contact our support team directly by emailing support@fft.org.uk or calling 01446 776262 (option 2).

Email Support

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