2022 FFT Early Results Service

for secondary schools

Get an early national analysis of your 2022 GCSE results before the start of term

Service opens 15 August. Find out more by joining one of our 'how to' webinars 


This summer marks the return of formal GCSE examinations. As in previous years, FFT will be providing a full early GCSE analysis service to all Aspire schools.

New for this year, we'll also be linking data collected from our Attendance Tracker system with the 2022 GCSE results. That means you'll be able to start to assess the full impact of pupil absence and Covid-19 in general on this year's results before the start of term!

Taking part is simple and free!  Upload your students' GCSE results to Aspire by Friday 26 August and access an early interactive national analysis of your results in the following week!


Service opens on Monday 15 August 2022

New reports for 2022

GCSE Summary report


A complete FFT summary analysis of your 2022 results on a single page. Compare your 2022 results to other FFT schools.

Pupil groups

Analyse your 2022 results by key pupil groups including gender, FSM, SEND, Term of Birth and Attendance.



A breakdown of results by extended ethnicity categories.

Individual Pupils

An individual pupil-based report for every student.

Pupil List


An interactive list showing all your pupils' attainment and Value Added progress on a single report.

How does it work?

Submit your students' GCSE results in Aspire

We’ll process your pupils’ assessments along with data from 1000s of other FFT schools

Access your reports in Aspire as early as 2 September

Important dates for this year’s service


The service runs from Monday 15 August to Friday 9 September

  • Mon 15 August — window 1 opens

    Download your prepopulated templates and upload your results when your pupils receive them.

  • Fri 26 August — window 1 closes

  • Fri 2 September — access your reports

    Access your interactive reports in FFT Aspire.

  • Window 2

    Submit by Fri 2 September and access your reports on Fri 9 September

  • Window 3

    Submit by Fri 9 September and access your reports on Fri 16 September

Join the next free webinar


Make sure you're ready and find out more about the service by joining one of our free 'how to' webinars

Our expert team will take you through the simple process, the range of reports available, and how these reports can be used to inform planning for the new academic year.

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