2021 GCSE Benchmarking Service

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A range of subject and student based benchmarking reports to support GCSE teacher assessment prior to submission. Download your pupils and subjects, upload your teacher assessed GCSE grades and access your FFT benchmarking reports the following working day.

The service is now closed. If you took part you can view your reports within Aspire.

Helping you to make the best decisions

Last year, almost 2,000 secondary schools took part in our first GCSE benchmarking service. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive - some of the best we’ve ever received!

This year, we’ve made the service even better – more streamlined and easier to use, faster ‘next day data delivery’ and a more comprehensive set of reports.


How it works


Key features

Compare this year’s Teacher Assessed grades to 2020 and 2019 outcomes

Understand the context of each individual subject cohort

Compare your 2021 Teacher Assessed grades against a range of FFT estimates

Highlight unusual GCSE subject grade patterns at your school

Gain an early indication of 2021 Value Added progress scores

Next day data delivery - Upload your grades and access your reports the next working day

2021 GCSE Benchmark reports

Use FFT’s comprehensive set of reports to benchmark and validate your GCSE teacher assessed grades prior to submission.


Review all subjects on a single report. Supports SLTs in highlighting unusual GCSE subject grade patterns using a range of statistical comparators.



A comprehensive benchmarking report for individual subjects based on each cohort’s prior attainment, context and your school’s own subject specific progress in previous years.



Individual Pupil benchmarking reports highlight differences between teacher assessed grades and FFT estimated grades.



Individual Pupil benchmarking reports highlight differences between teacher assessed grades and FFT estimated grades.


Join us for a live demonstration

Our Live webinars have now finished. However, you can still watch one of our recorded videos by clicking the relevant link.

FFT 2021 GCSE Benchmarking Service Overview

Using FFT’s 2021 GCSE Benchmarking Reports

The service is now closed

The GCSE Benchmarking Service has now finished, but if you took part you can continue to access your reports within Aspire

Help & information

FFT Support

To find out more about our 2021 GCSE Benchmarking Service, contact our support team directly by emailing support@fft.org.uk or calling 01446 776262 (option 2).

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Contact our sales team directly by emailing sales@fft.org.uk or calling 01446 500919.

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