2020 FFT Year 7 Transition Service

Ensure that your students get the best possible start

GCSE estimates for your Year 7 students

With no national KS2 tests this year, understanding and supporting Year 7 students will be more difficult. That's why FFT is offering a new free service to all Aspire schools. If you're using GL Assessment's CAT4 tests then you can now access FFT GCSE subject-based estimates for your pupils.

Upload GL Assessment CAT4 tests

We've teamed up with GL Assessment to ensure that you can continue to access your FFT KS4 estimates using CAT4 tests as prior attainment inputs.

Once you've uploaded your students' Year 7 CAT4 test results you'll find all your regular FFT KS4 estimates in your Aspire interactive Target Setting dashboards as normal!

Upload CAT4 tests

See estimates in Aspire

With CAT4 assessments in Aspire, you can access the full range of pupil, subject and school-based estimates for your year 7 cohort. Use FFT’s interactive Target Setting dashboard in order to monitor progress and set aspirational targets.
Image Pupils in Target Setting

What does my school need to do?

It's simple


Log in to Aspire and download a results template


Complete the template for your new Year 7 students with CAT4 test results


Upload your completed template to Aspire.

We'll then process your data and provide your school with FFT KS4 estimates for your new Year 7 cohort.

2020 Year 7 Transition Service timeline

Upload CAT4 tests throughout spring

for GCSE estimates in Aspire target setting

  • 8 January 2021

    Starting on 8 January, we'll be running fortnightly upload windows for schools to provide CAT4 test scores to Aspire (three-weekly after 2 April).

  • 22 January

    Window 1 closes. Reports available 29 Jan.

  • 5 February

    Window 2 closes. Reports available 12 Feb.

  • 19 February

    Window 3 closes. Reports available 26 Feb.

  • 5 March

    Window 4 closes. Reports available 12 Mar.

  • 19 March

    Window 5 closes. Reports available 26 Mar.

  • 2 April

    Window 6 closes. Reports available 9 Apr.

  • 23 April

    Window 7 closes. Reports available 30 Apr.

  • 14 May

    Window 8 closes. Reports available 21 May.

  • 4 June 2021

    Window 9 closes and service ends. Reports available 11 Jun.

Upload your CAT4 tests

Uploaded your CAT4 tests?

Get help understanding your estimates in Help Centre.

Need help?

We'll run webinars on these dates which cover everything from uploading your results to understanding your reports.

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8 June

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  • Understanding your CAT4-based Year 7 estimates
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    About CAT4 tests

    CAT4 supports primary to secondary transition through the provision of retrospective Key Stage 2 indicators, 9-1 GCSE indicators and insights into students’ reasoning abilities. Together, these give a broad and accurate overview of your students
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