2020 FFT Primary Results Service

A free service for all FFT Aspire schools

Closed 21 August

Understanding pupil progress in 2020

With no national performance data available this year from the DfE or Ofsted, FFT's 2020 results service offers schools the chance to access important data for internal self-evaluation, estimating future progress and yearly transition.

What’s involved?

Following consultation with headteachers, this free and optional service for Aspire schools covers EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
Simply add your Teacher Assessments to Aspire in order to access a full range of Aspire self-evaluation and estimate reports for 2020.

Quick & simple

This year we’ve made the upload process even easier by utilising Aspire Pupil Tracking’s collection and reporting tools.
Don’t worry though, you can also use a standard Excel template if you don’t want to try the pupil tracking route!
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A full FFT national analysis of your Teacher Assessments

July 2020

  • An early 2020 KS2 PDF analysis
  • Summary analysis of your TAs
  • Attainment & Value Added progress
  • 2020 National comparisons

August 2020

  • Full Aspire interactive KS1 & KS2 dashboards
  • Full national attainment and VA progress analysis
  • All your regular Aspire reports including subjects, pupil groups, pupils, scatterplots.
  • EYFS PDF report with national attainment comparisons across al 17 ELGs

September 2020

  • Full access to Aspire’s Target Setting dashboards
  • New 2020/21 Y1 (KS1) and Y3 (KS2) cohort information
  • Pupil, group and school level estimates of future performance at KS1 and KS2
A different timeline applies for data added after Friday 3 July 2020. Please click to see dates.

What does my school need to do?

It’s simple

Just upload your EYFS, KS1 or KS2 Teacher Assessments to FFT Aspire by Friday 21 August 2020. There are two ways to do this:

Aspire Pupil Tracking


Already have Aspire Pupil Tracking?

If you already use Aspire Pupil Tracking then it’s easy! Just use our pre-built FFT templates to add your Pupil TAs. It will only take a few minutes and because you’re using our Pupil Tracking system you’ll have instant access to all our regular tracking reports including class-based analytics and scaled score conversions.

Don’t have Aspire Pupil Tracking?

If you’re not currently using Aspire Pupil Tracking then why not give it a go? It’s completely free to use for all Aspire schools until 31 August.

Find out more
This method is available until 13 August.

Excel template


Using a template

If you don’t have Aspire Pupil Tracking or don’t want to use it then you can simply download one of our pre-populated Excel templates.

Then just add your Teacher Assessments and upload your completed file in Aspire.

2020 Results Service timeline

I added my data on or before 3 July

  • Wednesday 3 June

    The 2020 Results Service opens.

  • Friday 3 July

    Window for providing KS1/2 TAs and ELGs closes.

  • Thursday 16 July

    Early KS2 special PDF report available.

  • August

    KS1/2 Aspire interactive dashboards and EYFS special PDF reports available in Aspire.

  • September

    Year 1 (KS1) and Year 3 (KS2) estimates available.

I added my data after 3 July

  • Saturday 4 July

    The 2020 Results Service continues.

  • Friday 21 August

    Window for providing KS1/2 TAs and ELGs closes.

  • September

    EYFS and KS2 special PDF reports available.

  • October

    KS1/2 Aspire interactive dashboards available in Aspire.

  • October

    Year 1 (KS1) and Year 3 (KS2) estimates available.

2020 FFT Results Service — can we help?

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