FFT 2017 Autumn Roadshows

Life after RAISE

Getting the most out of FFT Aspire and the new RAISE replacement

The KS4 autumn roadshows for headteachers and senior leaders

The replacement of RAISEonline with a slimmed down package called Analyse School Performance (ASP) will bring a new set of challenges for schools and Inspectors. At this autumn’s FFT roadshows we’ll outline the key changes and look at how FFT Aspire can be used in combination with the DfE’s replacement system to ensure that schools can effectively evaluate their performance and measure progress.

Alongside the latest developments in Aspire and RAISE, you’ll also get a first look at the latest national performance trends for the new 9-1 GCSEs and the Progress 8 performance measure (using 9-1 scale), including an exclusive FFT data report for your school. Come and see how your school has performed in year 2 of Progress 8 compared to other schools and what lessons you can learn from our national research!

Our three-hour roadshow briefing will cover:

  • Outlining the key features of the new FFT Aspire and ASP systems.
  • A blended approach to self-evaluation — maximising the impact of Aspire and ASP.
  • Find out how your school’s performance in the new 9-1 GCSEs compares to other schools and the national picture.
  • Early access to an FFT data report for your school looking 9-1 GCSEs and the new Progress 8 performance indicators (using 2017 9-1 scale).
  • A world of Progress 8 — Understanding national trends one year on. What can we learn from this year’s results?
  • Identify the elements within your Attainment / Progress 8 and English/Maths performance that need further investigation.
  • FFT research — a look at the latest secondary school research from Education Datalab.

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Over 2,500 schools attended an FFT roadshow last autumn.

“All of it was excellent — thank you!”

Rachel Saim, Principal, Oak Hill Academy, Hounslow

“Excellent delivery — clarifies the National picture.”

Paula Thompson, Headteacher. Benedict Biscop Church of England Academy, Sunderland

“Excellent — helpful and informative providers with up-to-date knowledge on DfE changes.”

Jacqui Whiteman, Headteacher, Great Torrington School, Devon

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